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Friday, May 5, 2017

SSC CGL Exams and the Xtra Coaching Factor

Starting from the start

It is the time of year when our college exams are winding down, some of us in the last semesters of our study life with an outlook to a bright future ahead of us or to put it in a more practice prospective, Dreams of achieving big , cracking competitive exams and scoring high grades to get our dream job.

Easier said than done!

With the tough competition ahead and limited seats available, only the top cream scoring top marks get to share the spoils while the rest contemplate another shot at the exams with promises to work more hard, devote more time to studies, sacrifice on the good times, friends, outing, club, movies and mobile social media to dig deeper in our heads and cram up more of the topics so we can get a better shot next time.
But is this the beginning of a cycle or the end of it, Is getting our dream job in the administrative field so as to secure a safe government job as tough as it sounds or is it. Well to start with it isn’t that easy but with the right attitude, planning, analysis and realistic goals , we can achieve our target if not score big on our dreams.

Next Big Step

So next step, Services job means a shot at SSC CGL exams that are around the corner. Word is out that posts will be advertised in news papers and exams date announced soon so while we have a fix on papers and on the net to get the latest, One question looms large. To have a fare shot at cracking the exams what should be my schedule and plan of action for the next say 3 to 4 months. How to plan for time, Get a studious group of friends together for a daily meet to discuss and debate the latest general knowledge questions, set up a regime for studies, mock tests but what about the x-pert guidance?
Yes, I would need guidance from a person who has been there, done it. Someone who was in my shoes some time back and managed to crack the test and get that converted Govt. Job. May be someone with that kind of experience can help me beat a path, plan my schedule, guide me to the course materials and books and give me some extra tips that would help me on my way to success.
This is where coaching from a academy can help, some place where you can sit in a class and focus on your academic study in a timely manner, Where you meet likeminded studious students who can be your competition so that you can have a genuine assessment of your level of preparedness and then can push yourself to come at par with the best in class and also to get the guidance you seek from an expert on the fine points of how to crack the SSC CGL.
Now when you make your discussion to get coaching from an academy, there are some fine points to go through before you go give them your fee.

Check your eligibility

Qualification: Minimum qualifications differ for various posts. Aspirants must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant subject from any institute recognized by UGC. If you are appearing in your final year of graduation, you are eligible provided you complete your degree before 1st August 2016 (this is a tentative date based on last year’s notification until the official detailed notification for 2016 is released).
Age Limit- Age limit varies for various posts as well. Aspirants must be between 18 years to 27 years in age. Age relaxation for the reserved categories will be applicable as per government rules. For a few specific government jobs there are extended age limits – you can refer to the guidelines on the website.
Citizenship– You must be citizen of India and or a subject of Nepal/Bhutan or a Tibetan refugee who came to India before 1st January 1972, with the intention of permanently settling in India.
Now if you pass on the above points it is time now to dig further

lets start the Academy Search

Check for all academies who give coaching in SSC in your area and make a list of a few renowned ones. Make a schedule to visit them personally and get counseling from there experts as to what syllabus is covered, Fee structure, any discounts offered, There premises (After all you don’t be doing any good studies if the area is cramped, Noisy, humid and hot without basic amenities like good sitting, a proper class room with air conditioning, good lighting, projectors and sound system so you hear the instructor even if you are seated way back.
Research More:
Once you have gone and checked things mentioned above and short listed to a couple of academies to take admission, Dig deeper now online. Go to the academies website and social media site. Check for old student reviews and read there boards, Check on what is there success percentage, What old students have to say regarding the academy, There attitude towards students, Teaching methodology, complaints, Check to see the teachers or team who will be teaching you and see their qualifications, experience etc and then further refine your list.

The Final Visit

Now that you only have a couple of academies from your list, Its time to give them another visit, Ask what type of course material will you get, What are their timings so you can get your best batch time. Insist on joining a fresh batch instead of being adjusted in an ongoing batch as some institutes will do if they don’t have many admissions, they tend to fit the new students in ongoing batches but that is not good as there will be some chapters you may miss. Go for a fresh batch and ask for demo test schedules, Extra classes and doubt clearing sessions so you know where you will get the best out of the teaching staff.
Squeeze in some more
Now that you have a fairly good idea of where you will get the best coaching, Time to get some more. Go out among your friends and see if someone has the same idea as your and want to join an academy to get SSC coaching. Talk about your research and convince them the academy you have shortlisted will be the best for them too and take them as your reference. Most of the academy give cash back or discount if you get your friends over to them, So you get a better deal and have a group you are comfortable with to study and discuss. Also ask for schemes like life time gold or silver cards that let you come again next season by paying a small sum in case you don’t make it the first time. This way you won’t be paying the full fee the next time you join next season.

Application & Syllabus

For more detail into Selection Process, Exam Pattern and Syllabus for ssc coaching in chandigarh you can go to get more info.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

BANK PO , UGC NET , SSC Coaching in Chandigarh

OUR BANK PO COACHING INSTITUTE in Chandigarh, Mohali, Solan, Ludhiana, Patiala
One of the the top Coaching provider for SSC CGL Examination. North India No. 1 SSC Coaching institute in Chandigarh.More than 1000+ selection from last 2 year under SSC CGL Examination. If you are looking for best SSC Coaching institute Cahndigarh than there is no second option. We are the Best SSC Coaching provider in Chandigarh
Chandigarh Police Exam Coaching Centre
Coaching Center for Chandigarh Police Exam

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ssc coaching in Cahndigarh

Why Bright Academy is Best Among All Institute
Sr. No.
Bright Academy
Course Duration
90-100 days
45 days
Fresh/New Batch
Fresh Batch Only in Bright Academy
Give old batches and make fool of students that syllabus is covered in blocks or in circle.
No. of Days in week
7 days a week, No Holiday, Show our dedication, even extra classes on Sunday
5 days a week class and make fool by conducting test or doubt session.
No. of Hours per day
3 to 3.5 hours and extra classes on Sunday +2 hr daily test
2 hour
No. of hours per week
30-32 hours
14-15 Hours
Director Classes
Director Himself Take classes
Students Don’t know who is director.
Doubt Session
Separate Classes daily 9-6 PM
Include in class timings
Mock test
6 times a week apart from coaching
1 in week including classes
Green Card
Life time support till job and give fresh batch
No Life time support and different old batches
Full Study Material
Comprises class assignments and Drill/Practice books (18 books)
No proper study material (7-8 unorganized books)
Exam to Exam Strategy/Notes
Given in Bright Academy
No such Service
Success Rate
More than 95% in six months
Ranging About 15%-50% even in one year.
Feed Back Form
Feed Back is filled by students fortnightly and required changes are introduced in a week.
No Such System.
Expert Faculty four/Five teachers per Section.
Total-25 permanent
18 Part Time
Total:- 3-5 teacher. Some are teaching more than one section.
Fully Air Conditioned rooms with Mike and Projector Facility.
Running in Shambles.
Demo Class
No Demo Class As our Result and Quality Education speak for us.
They have demo class, Because they have to prove themselves. For Two three days they make fool by teaching simple topics.
Personal Attention
Given not only by teachers but by Director Himself.
Director Don’t Know their students.
Fixed  Discounting System
Bright Academy has Fixed Discount System. Students Given admission without any prejudice.
They take fees on basis of person to person. It varies as it creates biasness in atmosphere.
Best bank po ,bank clerk,SBI Clerk Coaching Institute Centres in Chandigarh
Fresh Batches for SSC Coaching in Chandigarh from January onwards...
Ugc Net Coaching Institutes In chandigarh
Now Bright Academy also starts their centre for Bank PO Coaching in Jalandhar. So good news for all students from Jalandhar that they can join best bank exam coaching classes in Jalandhar.
Bright Academy is one of the Top class institute for CLAT COACHING IN Chandigarh /LLB Entrance coaching institute in Chandigarh. Join now for best guidance and study material for LAW CLAT Coaching in Chandigarh.
Bank PO Coaching in Chandigarh

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Best Bank PO, SSC Coaching Institute in Chandigarh

·         1. Coaching For Paper-I,II,III (All subjects )
·         2. Highest success rate in North India........
·         3. Full study material, Computerized Notes
·         4. Coaching By JRF Qualified Experienced Faculty
·         5. Regular Tests ------
·         6. Course Duration-2-3 months,2-3 hr daily
·         7. Special classes on Time Management.
·         New Batches are starting from 1st and 15th of every month

·         1. 3- months coaching starting from basic
·         2. Highest success rate in North India........
·         3. Full study material, Computerized Notes
·         4. Daily 2-3 hr class, classes 7 days week
·         5. Regular MOCK Tests ------
·         6. Shortcut methods in maths/reasoning.
·         7. Special classes for computer, gk including banking.
·              CLEAR EXAM)
·         New Batches are starting from 1st and 15th of every month

            1. Best coaching starting from basics,Coaching till exam
           2. Highest success rate in CLAT,DU& PU ENTRANCE,Top Ranks In India
           3. Full study material, Computerized Notes,No Need of Any Book from Market
           4. Daily 3-4 hr class, classes 6 days week
·         5. Regular Tests 
·         6. Shortcut methods in Maths/Reasoning.
·         7.  New Batches are starting from  FEB/MARCH,   

            1. Best coaching starting from basics,Coaching till exam
           2. Highest success rate in CTET/PTET
           3. Full study material, Computerized Notes,No Need of Any Book from Market
           4. Daily 3-4 hr class, classes 6 days week
·         5. Regular Tests 
·         6. Shortcut methods in Maths/Reasoning
    7 Batch from 10 JANAURY            
KVS Coaching Institute in Chandigarh, Best KVS Coaching in Chandigarh
ugc net coaching in chandigarh

Bright academy accomplished goals of all students preparing for IBPS Bank PO clerk or other exams like SSC CGL Exam by providing them interactive environment and clearing concepts coaching classes. We provide the details and knowledge of all competitive exams written test and interview both.
These Bank PO and SSC coaching classes are designed in very effective manner the strategy for coaching is completely basis on every student’s strength and weakness. The duration of coaching for bright academy is two months:- In these two months mainly focus is on clearing concepts and teaching    shortcuts of the whole syllabus. All the sections are started from basics.
Quality Features That Differentiate Us from Other Coaching Institute and Make us the Best…….
Infrastructure:- The ambience of bright academy is full of optimism, where all students feel so confident and free to explore their talents. The students are given full opportunity to get their doubts and conceptual clarity of all topics. We emphasis on concepts and shortcuts as both are first step to clear any exam. The second step is practice. Fully air conditioned room with mike and good sitting facility. All the classrooms have white board and projector facility.

R&d:- We are first to introduce the concept of research and development in this sector and the team of r&d is comprised of specialists in different fields who work on full time or part time basis. The team includes mathematicians, college/university professors, ex-bankers, employees of reputed institutions, journalists, subject experts and even students of our institute. They work day and night to figure on two aspects. UGC NET Life science coaching in chandigarh
           A) Teaching techniques: As competitive exams are objective types and mostly depend upon speed. So one just have to answer the question in whatever way. The team keeps on working on new shortcuts for maths and reasoning. Students feel great hurdles to remember the general studies. So the team has introduced methods of association and 24-7-30 revisions which make this portion a cake walk for students.
           B) Updated study material: The institute material is designed in such a way that it will start with clearing fundamentals and basics of each portion. Then it focuses on the questions equivalent to toughness level of different exams. After that a huge question bank is provided for practice.

Innovative and passionate facilitators:- In this cut throat competitive environment we think that we don’t need any teacher, because in that manner the traffic is more on one side. We need passionate facilitators who will share their strengths, experience and expertise with the government job aspirants. We have very tough recruitment process. After recruitment all the teachers are given homely environment and we put our best efforts to make them satisfied by fulfilling their material and personal  needs. They have given full opportunity to experiment new and innovative teaching techniques after discussing with teachers.

Availability of 24x7 access:- Apart from updating regularly on blog, through mail and sms, the counseling and guidance is also available through many mediums like at our center, through mail, phone and chat etc.

Regular mock test (including online tests plateform):- We are very serious to conduct real exam like conditions where students are strictly asked to appear in the mock test. The detailed report subject wise and rank is individually given to the student. It will benefit them to access their strength and weakness and will help to reduce exam phobia. The mock tests are designed after an extensive research so that they should be according to the pattern and the difficulty level of that particular exam and different strategies are given to the students so that students can decide which the best strategy is for them. These days bank exams are getting online, we have launched a website specially dedicated for giving them access to online testing.

Individual assessments: There are some students who need personal guidance and interaction to clear the doubts and get solutions for their problems. Even the specialized career options available for them are informed to them. We have separate doubt session of four hours on every Saturday.

Interaction with successful students and senior officers: To keep the spark ignited and solve individual doubts of students, regular interaction programs are organized by inviting successful students and eminent officers of banks. Here students get a chance to clear their doubts about the way to prepare and what is actual life after clearing the exam and what they are actually looking for?

Alchemy of relationship: The biggest problem that most of the students face is that they hardly get a chance to get guidance after their coaching period is over after 2-3 months. But normally it takes at least 6-8 months to clear the exam. So we have introduced a new methodology by introducing this concept. In this way once anyone become our student, he will remain our student until he clears the exam and all the resources are equally available to old as well as new students without any distinction.