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Complete Overview of the Exam:
*Paper was Easy to Moderate
*Attempt 20 questions in each section to clear cut off
* Good attempt 60-70

1. Syllogism 5 Possibility Type Qn.
2. Inequality/ (Symbol) - 5 Qn.
3. Coding- 5 Questions
4. Line Puzzle - 5 Questions
5. Circle Sitting - 5 Questions
6. Data Sufficiency - 5 Questions
7. Blood Relation - 3 Questions

1. Simplification - 5 Ques
2. Number series - 5 Ques
3. Quadratic Equation- 5 Ques
4. Data interpretation( Table & Line ) -10 Ques
5. Time & Work - 1 Ques
6. Probabilty- 1 Ques
7. Simple Interest - 1 Ques
8. Trains - 1 Ques
9. Profit & loss - 1 Ques
10. Ages - 1 Ques
11. Allegation & Mixture - 1 Ques

1. Sentences Correc  - 5 Ques
2. Fill in blanks - 5 Ques
3. Para jumble - 5 Ques
4. Comprehension - 10 Ques
5. Cloze Test - 5 Ques

Paper was not tough so try to clear individual cut off in each section.

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1.    Who is the Chairman of NITI Aayog - PM Narendra Modi
2.    What is the Currency  of Philippines - Philippine Peso 
3.    What is the Currency  of Bhutan – Ngultrum
4.    What is the Currency  of Afghanistan - Afghan Afghani
5.    What is the Currency of China – Yuan
6.    What is the currency of Pakistan Curre – Pakistani Rupee
7.    What is the Currency  of Greece – Euro
8.    What is the capital of Brazil –Brasilia
9.    What is the capital of  Australia – Canberra
10. Sarita Devi belongs to which sports? –Boxing
11. What is the name of America-Canada boundary line - Parallel line 49
12. Who won Nobel Prize in micro economics? - Amartya Sen
13. Fort Aguada is in located in which state –Goa
14. Next G-20 Summit will be held at- Istanbul, Turkey
15. Next SAARC summit will be held at – Kathmandu, Nepal
16. APEC summit 2014 will be held at – Beijing
17. Next Summer Olympics venue is – China
18. 2018 Commonwealth Games will be held at - Gold Coast, Australia 
19. Who appointed as new chief of IB - Dineshwar Sharma
20. Name of Fresh water lake in U.S.A - Lake Superior
21. World Water Day is Observed on- 22nd March
22. Cancer Day is Observed on - 4th February 
23. National Youth Day is Observed on - 12th January
24. Where are the head quarters of UNICEF? - New York 
25. Number of Internet users in India in December 2014 were - 300 Million
26. Founder of self help groups who won NobelPrize for this is- Mohammad Yunus
27. Anirudh Jagannath is the PM of which country? –Mauritius
28. FAO (Committee on Forestry) headquarter is situated in which country- Rome, Italy
29. International court of justice headquarter is situated in which country - The Hague
30. Who is Union Urban development minister - Venkaiah Naidu
31. Who is External Affair Minister - Smt.Sushma Swaraj
32. According to 2011 census female ratio per 1000 males in Haryana is? –879
33. Confucius prize was awarded to whom? - Fidel Castro
34. Dandi kutir is established at which place recently? –Gandhinagar
35. Wandering in many worlds is autobiography of whom? - V. R. Krishna Iyer
36. What is the capital of Canada –Ottawa
37. Who is appointed as CEO of NITI Aayog - Sindhushree Khullar
38. Who is Shinzo Abe ?- Prime Minister of Japan
39. Who was previous RBI governor - Y V Reddy
40. Who are in the ex officio's list in NITI Aayog–(Members of NITI Aayog)Arun Jaitley, Rajnath Singh, Suresh Prabhu and Radha Mohan Singh
41. Who is the Director of PK movie - Raj Kumar Hirani
42. Who is the Minister of Road, Transport and Highways - Nitin Gadkari
43. World Environment Day is observed on - 05 June
44. BSF Foundation day is observed on -1 December
45. Who is the Author of "God of small things" - Arundhati Roy
46. WU-14 is launched by which country ?- China
47. Who is the new chief of RAW - Mr. Rajinder Khanna
48. Headquarter of International Maritime Organization (IMO) is situated at - London, UK.
49. Strait time person of the year is given to - Narendra Modi
50. Wular Fresh lake is in which state of India-Jammu and Kashmir
51. Name of boxer recently banned - Sarita Devi
52. Bandhavgarh National Park is located in which state - Madhya Pradesh
53. Recently people of 13 countries made march and pray for world peace in which state- Bihar
54. In India recently Bio fuel Train started from which place- Rohtak to Rewari 
55. Who is Chief Economic advisor to GOI - Arvind Subramanian
56. Switzerland beat whom to win Davis cup –France
57. Anemia is caused by deficiency of which vitamin - Vitamin B12
58. Bihu dance is associated to which state –Assam
59. Governer of the Year in Central Banks Prize given to whom recently –Raghuram Rajan
60. What is the name of the news paper which recently printed the news related to France attack - Charlie Hebdo
61. Highest mortality rate in infants is in which state acc to Census 2011–Odisha
62. Who is the new director of CBI - Mr. Anil Kumar Sinha
63. Who is the author of “ Dramatic Decade – Indira Gandhi Years”– Pranab Mukherjee
64. Who is Pankaj Mishra – Writer
65. USA President Barak Obama’s wife name is – Michelle Obama
66. Bharatnatyam is associated with which state – Tamil nadu
67. 2011 highest urban populated state is- Maharashtra
68. Japan gave award to which Indian PM recently -  Dr.Manmohan singh
69. UNESCO Headquarter is located in- Paris
70. National voters day is observed on– 25th January
71. Roger Federer is related to which sport- Tennis
72. Hudhud affected which coastal Area:-    Visakhapatnam
73. What is the range of AGNI-4 – 3,000 – 4,000 km
74. Who is the vice  chairperson of NITI Aayog – Arvind Panagariya
75. What is the name of Sachin’s autobiography-Playing It My Way
76. Dong fong missile strike range is upto- Max.550 kms
77. When do we observe army day? - 15th January
78. Water week started from - 13th January in context with Ganga Rejuvination Plan
79. Who is the current Defense minister of India? - ManoharParikar
80. Jim Corbett national park is situated in which state? - Uttarakhand  
81. Capital of Denmark is– Copenhagen
82. Which is the Country having maximum gold mines –China
83. Which was the warmest year ever? –2014
84. Which were the two new earth’s like planets discovered? - Kepler 438-b and Kepler 442
85. NPA stands for- Non-performing asset
86. Casa related to which firm- The CASA (current and savings account) ratio is the ratio of deposits in the current and savings accounts of a bank to its total deposits.
87. BSBDA A/C FULL FORM – Basic Savings Bank Account.
88. CVV Full form- Card Verification Value
89. PMJDY payment card is of which type– Rupay
90. Small and Payment bank need how much Capital for startup - 100 Crore
91. RBI regulates which sector in India – Banking
92. By how many basis points RBI   cut it’s repo rate? - 25 basis points
93. IMF provides loan to whom?-  Only Member Countries
94. What is the Purpose of Monetary Policy- To Control money Supply
95. Credit rating agency of India- CRISIL, ICRA, CARE, ONICRA, FITCH & SMERA. CRISIL is the largest credit rating agency in India, with a market share of greater than 60%.
96. Which is the regulator of commodity market – FMC
97. RBI doesn't control- ICICI Prudential
98. Recently Gyan Sangam Held in Pune For what Purpose - Banking Reforms

1.     From which constituency Kalraj Mishra belongs? -Deori constituency Uttar Pradesh
2.     Capital of Republic of FIJI – SUVA.
3.     On which date World Standard Day come? - 14th October.
4.     The river which start from Tibet and entered in India and Bangladesh? - Brahmaputra  River.
5.     Where VongFong typhoon hits ?- Japan
8.     Which has been declared a banned terrorist group by India recently? - Kamatapur Liberation Organization (KLO)
9.     Who is the lender of last resort for banks in India? - RBI
10.  What is the duration of PPF accounts? - 15 years
11.  Which state will observe year 2015 as the "Year of Tourism"? - Madhya Pradesh
12.  Headquarter of SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India)? - Lucknow
13.  Current health minister of India? - J.P.Nadda
14.  Which is the base year for new consumer price index? - 2010
15.  Name the biggest online shopping site in China? - Alibaba
16.  Sultan of Johor Cup hockey tournament is annually held in which country? - Malaysia
17.  Rouf dance is form is related to which state? - Jammu and Kashmir
18.  Full form of NPPA? - National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority
19.  Currency of Greece? - Euro
20.  G-20 Summit in 2016 will be held at? - China (In 2015- Turkey)
21.  Full form of NAV? - Net Asset Value
22.  Name the new Chairman of national women commission? - Lalitha Kumarmangalm
23.  Who is the chairman of the committee set up by government to identify "obsolete" laws? - R. Ramanujam, Secretary in the PMO
24.  Validity of Kisan Credit Card? - 5 Years
25.  National Education Day was observed on? - 11 November
26.  Incheon has recently hosted which games? - Asian Games 2014
27.   Currency of Japan? - Japanese Yen.
28.   Non-Banking Financial Companies are regulated by? –RBI
29.   Which country is the largest flower producer in the world? – Netherlands (CAPITAL-Amsterdam).
30.    Gaofen-2 satellite belongs to which country? - China.
31.   Deadline given by Government for UIDAI to generate 100 crore Aadhaar numbers? – 2015.
32.   Full form of GDP? - Gross domestic product.
33.   Who is the present Union Environment Minister? - Prakash Javadekar
34.   Capital of Malaysia? - Kuala Lumpur
35.   Headquarters of UNICEF? - New York City
36.   Who was named captain of ICC ODI Team of the year recently? - MS Dhoni.
37.   Ritu Rani is related to which sports? – Hockey.
38.  ARSAT satellite which was launched recently is the first satellite of which country? – Argentina.
39.  Madisen Square Guard Stadium is at? - New York, USA
40.  Vikram Sarabhai Space Center is at? - Tiruvanathapuram, Kerala.
41.  KIRAN scheme is made for? - Women Scientists.
42.   Operation “Megh Rahat “is related to? - Jammu and Kashmir Floods.
43.   Former CJI P. Sathasivam was recently appointed as a Governor to which State? – Kerala.
44.   International Children’s Peace Prize 2014 won by which Indian? - Neha Gupta.
45.   KYC Full form?- Know Your Customer
46.  NPA Full form? - Non-performing asset
47.  World Chess Championship 2014 was recently held at? - Sochi, Russia.
48.  Commonwealth summit in 2015 will be held in which country? - Malta
49.  22nd APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Summit was recently held at? - Beijing, China.
50.  'Playing it my way' is the autobiography of? - Sachin Tendulkar
51.   Headquarters of UNESCO in - Paris
52.   Public Service Broadcasting Day was observed on? - November 12
53.   LR-SAM missile was developed by India with the help of which country? - Israel
54.   Who was recently chosen as the captain of ICC Test Team of the year? - Angelo Mathews
55.  Manmohan singh was recently conferred the highest honour of which country? - Japan
56.  Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi recently launched an "Aadhaar-based Digital Life Certificate" for pensioners called? - Jeevan Pramaan
57.  In MOM first M stands for? - Mars (MOM- Mars Orbiter Mission)
58.  Currency of Italy? - Euro
59.  Capital of Sweden? - Stockholm
60.  In India Insurance regulatory body is? - IRDA
61.  80% of the world polio cases are now in which country? - Pakistan
62.  Capital of Cambodia? - Phnom Penh
63.  Name the World's Oldest Test Cricketer who died recently? - Norman Gordon
64.  Currency of Egypt? - Egyptian pound
65.  Who is the present Information and Broadcasting Minister? - Arun Jaitley
66.  World Pneumonia Day is observed on? - November 12
67.  KYC norms were implemented under which act? - Banking Regulation Act, 1949
68.  National Unity day was celebrated on whose birth anniversary recently? - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
69.  Hindu Kush Mountains located in between which countries? - Afghanistan and Pakistan
70.  Full form of NBFC? - Non Banking Finance Company
71.  Ajay Jayaram is associated with which game? - Badminton
72.  FEMA full form? - Foreign Exchange Management Act
73.  CRISIL is? - Rating agency
74.  Second longest running reactor in the world? - Rajasthan Unit 5
75.  Who was recently conferred with Sumitra Charat Ram Award? - Pandit Jasraj
76.  Under new Kisan Vikas Patra launched recently, money will be doubled in? -100 months
77.  Which one of the following got banking license in April 2014? - IDFC
78.  According to census 2011, what is the adult literacy rate? - 74.04%
79.  Yaogan-23 remote sensing satellite was recently launched by? - China
80.  Monetary Policy in India is regulated by? - RBI
81.  European Union sanctioned against Russia over the issue on which nation? - Ukraine
82.  Lenovo recently acquired Motorola Company from whom? - Google
83.  FEMA full form? - Foreign Exchange Management Act
84.  Debit/Credit transaction done while buying is related to? - Point of Sale (POS)
85.  Cheque is defined under which act? - Negotiable Instruments act, 1881
86.  Age limit for minors to operate saving account? - 10 years
1.      What is the full form of PIO ? -PERSON OF INDIAN ORIGIN
2.      The border between India and China is called as - Macmohan Line
3.      Who is the founder of Wipro - Ajim Premji
4.      Modi addressed which session of UN general assembly ? - 69th
5.      How many gold medals India won in Asian Games 2014 ? – 11
6.      Hum hain Na is the tagline of which bank ? -ICICI bank
7.      How many country participated in fifa world cup 2014 ? – 32
8.      Peso is the currency of which country(among the given options) ? - Argentina.
9.      What is the currency of Germany ? – Euro
11.   What is the full form of NRLM ? -NATIONAL RURAL LIVELYHOOD MISSION
12.   What is the full form of NPS ? -NATIONAL PENSION SCHEME
13.    Who is the women and child development minister ? -MENAKA GANDHI
14.    HDFC erdo is which type of company ?-General Insurance Company
15.   What does K stands for in KCC- -Kisan
16.    SBI MINOR ACC for children above 10 years is ? - Pehli Udan
17.    WHO IS SANJAY LEELE BHANSALI ? - Bollywood Director
18.   Who is the author of the book my years with Rajiv and Sonia ? - R D Pradhan 
19.   Which bank has largest number of mobile application user ? – SBI
20.   Penicillin was discovered by? - Alexander Fleming
21.   Where is the headquarters of FAO situated ? – Rome
22.   A question based on clean note policy and RBI star series
23.   Where is the headquarter of Prathma Bank? – Moradabad
24.   Ram Naik governor of which state - Uttar Pradesh
25.   C in CRR - Cash reserve ratio 
26.  CM of Tamilnadu - O. Panneerselvam
27.  Egypt Currency - Egyptian pound SBI multi currency card for currency name
28.  Who is HL Dattu – Chief Justice of India
29.  IFSC stands for- Indian Financial System Code
30.  Bank give load to another bank on which rate- MSF (Marginal Standing Facility)
31.  What is credit card- a small plastic card issued by a bank, building society, etc., allowing the holder to purchase goods or services on credit
32.  Who is Messi - Football Player
33.  One question related to Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna
34.  SEBI, IRDA, PFRDA and FMC to be merged into a Unified Financial Agency (UFA)
35.  Original name of Canara Bank?
36.  "Unbreakable" is the biography of Mary Kom
37.  President of Belgium?
38.  Axis Bank tagline - Badhti ka naam Zindagi
39.  SBI tie with BNP Paribas. 
40.  Payment bank related question
41.  UN declares Ebola as Universal Calamity.
42.  Wrestling gold in 65 kg category - Yogeshwar Dutt
43.  National Housing Bank is a subsidiary of which Institution – RBI
44.   How many Asian games Gold won by India – 11
45.   MOM (Mars Orbit Mission) – Space Craft Orbiting Mars reached on which day -24th September 2014
46.   Syndicate Bank Tagline - Your Faithful And Friendly Financial Partner
47.   Bank to starts cardless cash withdrawal – Bank of India
48.  Question related to Interest on Loan – Weather it’s a flat rate or on reducing balance
49.   Share of Indian Gov in BMB (Bhartiya Mahila Bank) –
50.   Question on the name of power project in UP
51.   Hewllet Packard is related with – IT
52.   Question on Minimum Sex Ratio – Daman & Diu (UT) and Haryana (State)
53.   Country which doesn’t follow euro Currency
54.   Swachta Udyami  Yojna launched by which ministry - Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment
55.   Cairo is Capital of – Egypt
56.   GDR full form – Global Depository Receipts
57.   What is the mean of O in NRO – Ordinary
58.  What is the mean of C in CAMELS – Capital Adequacy
59.   Reason for Crossing of Cheque in the Corner
60.   KUUCHIPUDI dance form is of which state – Andhra Pradesh
61.   Banking ombudsman launched by – RBI
62.   Minister of Tribal Affairs – Jual Oram
63.   IRDA Full form –Insurance Regulatory Development Authority
64.   Runner Up In KABADDI game in Asian Games– Iran
65.   Capital of South Korea  - Seoul
66.   Old name of Axis Bank – UTI Bank
67.  Which country DON'T have dollar currency - One of the option was SWEDEN
68.  What is "Hundi" - Financial instrument that developed on the Indian sub-continent for use in trade and credit transactions.
69.  Means of M in OMO – Market
70.   Umbrella Movement- 2014 - Hongkong Protest 
71.  NPA is declared Time limit- 90 Days Overdue
72.   Which year was the first nuclear explosion in India’s named Smiling Buddha- 1974
73.   Minimum amount in PPF- Rs 500
74.   SBI launched multicurrency card in association with – MasterCard
75.   Kathakali Dance belongs to which state- Kerala 
76.  Most Valuable player in Asian Games 2014 India's Campaign - Mary Kom (Otherwise Kosuke Hagino)
77.  Committee to examine the current monetary policy- Urijit Patel Committee
78.  Currency of Algeria- Dinar
79.   What is universal Banking - A banking system in which banks provide a wide variety of financial services, including both commercial and investment services.
80.   Two lives book written by -Vikram Seth
81.   Invention of Alfred Nobel- Dynamite
82.   What ‘E’ denotes in NRE?- External (Non Resident External)
83.   Which State launched Nutrition Mission recently- Uttar Pradesh 
84.   Who is the founder of the famous Red Cross Foundation - Henry Dunant, Gustave Moynier
85.  Which insurance company has the tagline ‘Aapke Sachche Advisor’- Max Life Insurance
86.   Who headed the panel that recommended diluting govt. share in public sector banks to below 50% - P J Naik
87.   On a certain angle, the security thread on a rupee note changes to – Blue
88.   Who is popularly known as Lok Nayak - Jayaprakash Narayan
89.   HDFC Standard Life is a – Life Insurance Company
90.  MICR – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
91.  Shanti Swaroop  Bhatnagar Award in the field of – Science & Technology
92.  Saving & Current Account for banks helps in maximizing what?
93.   Least Female Literacy Rate – Rajasthan (52.6%)

94.  Scheme related to empowerment of Adoloscent Boys - Saksham

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